Monday, January 24, 2011


Today Ulta released OPI's Katy Perry nail polishes! I of course had to get my hands on Black Shatter! I remember being 11 or 12 when Cover Girl had crackle nail polish. I bought the blue one and I loved it. I was super excited when I heard about Black Shatter and I couldn't wait to buy it.

The night before I painted my nails with Astra by Zoya. It's such a pretty glitter polish!
Zoya Astra

I put Black Shatter over Astra the next day.
Black Shatter starts drying instantly and it's fun watching it crack.
It dries to a kind of satin finish so I took a picture of how that looked.
OPI Black Shatter Zoya Astra

I put a top coat over it to make it shiny.
OPI Black Shatter Zoya Astra

I love Black Shatter! It looks great with or without a top coat. It's a fun way to change things up. I'm definitely going to have fun trying this with different colors. China Glaze will also be releasing some polishes like this but in COLORS!!! I can't wait for those! It shouldn't be too long of a wait!

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