Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vlog Candy Nails

One of my favorite YouTube channels is VlogCandy! I thought it would be a fun and cute nail design to paint each nail with the candy that represents each member. On my thumb I painted a jawbreaker for Andrew on Monday. My index finger is a caramel for John on Tuesday. On the middle finger is a taffy for Meghan on Wednesday. The ring finger is a peppermint for Zach on Thursday and on the pinky a bubblegum for Aubrey on Friday!! I originally planed to draw out the whole candy but my nails aren't long enough so I just did the faces. I love how they came out!

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What I used:
Thumb: Base color is White on White by China Glaze
             Smile is Ready Aim Fire by A+E
             Candy spots are Malaga Wine by OPI
                                       Need Sunglasses? by OPI
                                       Orge-the-Top Blue by OPI
Index: Base color is Java Mauve-A by OPI
            Smile is Ready Aim Fire by A+E
Middle: Base color is For Audrey by China Glaze
              Smile is Mod Squad by Essie
Ring: Base color is Ready Aim Fire by A+E
          Stripes are White on White by China Glaze
Pinky: Base color is Mod Squad by Essie
            Smile is Heli-Yum by China Glaze
All eyes and smile outlines are Liquid Vinyl by Orly

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