Friday, July 22, 2011

Rugrats Nails

picture does not belong to me, it was found on Google

Rugrats was one of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon when I was little!! I did a Rugrats inspired design as the first post in my Nickelodeon mani series! On my thumb I painted Chuckie's planet shirt. I painted Phil's outfit of my index nail. Tommy's shirt and diaper on the middle nail. Lil's hair and bow on the ring nail. Angelica's tights and sock on my pinky. My favorite was the Tommy nail!! It came out so cute!

Sabrina's Nail Blog 90s Nickelodeon Nail Art Rugrats tommy chuckie phil lil angelica

Hope you like it!! :)

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*I had to mix a lot of different polishes to get some of the colors that I used for this design.


  1. That's awesome :)

    You were a reader of my old blog, but due to some failures, I had to delete the old google friend connect gadget and include a new one. I would be so happy if you could shortly go to my page and click on following again! Thank you soo much in advance!


  2. these are adorable!!! also thanks for following my blog!

  3. Oh.. my goodness kinda genius to think to do the belly button and diaper shot!