Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doug Nails

picture does not belong to me, it was found on Google

I love Doug! Doug was one of my favorite shows ever! I was really excited when I was coming up with my Doug inspired nails. I only did four characters from the show but now I think that I could have done all ten nails with a different character. I may try it out someday.
 I painted the faces of my favorite characters for this design. For the thumb I used a greenish gray base color and painted out Doug like the title of the show. Patti Mayonnaise is on the index nail. Doug is on the middle nail. His best friend Skeeter Valentine is on the ring nail. Porkchop, Doug's dog, is on the pinky nail.

Sabrina's Nail Blog 90s Nickelodeon Nail Art Doug Patti Skeeter Porkchop

I loved how these nails turned out. I love the Porkchop nail!

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* I mixed a few of the colors used for this design.

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