Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey Arnold! Nails

picture does not belong to me, it was found on Google

This is the final post in the Nickelodeon nail art series. I loved watching Hey Arnold! and thought it was funny. I still remember some funny quotes from the show! I wasn't sure at first of what to paint for this show but finally decided on faces. On the thumb I have Arnold and his long face! I even painted on his little blue hat. I painted Gerald, Arnold's best friend, on the index finger. I wanted to get as much of his cool hair in as I could lol! Helga's face is on my middle nail. I couldn't stop laughing while I painted on her unibrow! On the ring nail I painted Harold, the school bully and occasional friend. On the pinky I painted Phoebe, Helga's only friend. I love how all these nails turned out!!

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I hope you enjoyed my 90's Nickelodeon inspired nail art series!

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* All base colors are a mixed polishes to get the right shade.


  1. i hope I can do this nail art too..

    but i think it's hard huhuhu :(

  2. I really love the idea ,I still watch this cartoon although i'm a mother of 4 . i will be your follower plz visit my blog :)