Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've had China Glaze Atlantis for a while and finally decided to use it. I love it! It's a pretty teal color and best of all its a glitter polish! Holographic glitter!!! It's amazing in the sun. I did take my pictures outside but sadly my camera just couldn't capture how awesome Atlantis is.

China Glaze Atlantis
Atlantis (3 thin coats)

When I normally paint my nails a solid color after a day or two, I add something else like crackle or glitter if its a cream polish. For Atlantis I decided that I wanted to try a funky french since I never have. I used a black polish for the tips. I liked it a lot! 

China Glaze Atlantis funky french

Being me I decided to try something different on the other hand lol! I painted black over Atlantis diagonally. I also liked how this turned out.

China Glaze Atlantis

What I Used:
base: Atlantis by China Glaze
black: Goth by Orly


  1. I love Atlantis. It's so sparkly and I love teal. It's on my toes right now.

  2. I love atlantis on my toes! it sparkles when i walk under the sun, it sparkles when i go for a swim.. i feel so sparkly!! (non edward cullen ish) lol

  3. Thanks :)
    I love the holo glitter it has, so pretty

  4. Super pretty, I totally want to go swimming now!

  5. i like the design.. the color combinations are great too.