Friday, October 14, 2011

Blood Splatter Nails

About two years ago I saw a picture of blood splatter nails on a blog. I can't remember whose blog it was but I've always wanted to try the design out. I finally decided to try it out and I love how creepy it looks! When I was doing this I had to redo a few nails due to too much blood lol! I didn't have a straw so I kept looking for something that would let me get the right amount of blood on each nail. Once I found something to use it was so much easier and fun!

halloween blood splatter nails

halloween blood splatter nails

DandyNails (click name for video) on Youtube has a fun video up on how she does blood splatter nails :)

What I Used:
Base: White on White by China Glaze
Blood: Malaga Wine by OPI
           Bordeaux by Essie
           Ready, Aim, Fire! by American Eagle


  1. first time in this blog : I love it
    I LOVE your nails ideas super cool

    by bassoma (from morocco)
    wlc to explore my world:♥

  2. can i just say that this is creepy? O.O

    oh my gosh, it really looks like blood. it's sooooo blooody! nice!

  3. Lol thanks so much Pamela! I'd forget and when I would see my nails it'd scare me for a second haha

  4. Thank you @Bassoma Abel I've checked out your blog and I love it :)