Monday, October 24, 2011

Bloody Fingers

Earlier this year I did some dripping blood nails for a True Blood post. I really liked that design but this time I decided I'd change it up a little. Instead of having the blood drip from the tip of my nails, I wanted to make it seem like the blood was oozing out of my cuticles! I love how this looks! I think it'd look great with a zombie costume and maybe a different base color. Or even just over a base coat. I just painted my nail a very light pink color. I wanted to be able to still see my nail line through it. Then I just used a dotting tool to create the dripping blood. I ope you like this post and check back in a couple days :)

Sabrina's Nail Blog Dripping Blood Nails halloween
(please ignore the smudged blood of some nails, I was too impatient for them to dry)

Sabrina's Nail Blog Dripping Blood nails halloween

What I Used:
Base: Ballet Slippers by Essie
Blood: Bordeaux by Essie

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