Saturday, July 14, 2012

Galaxy Nails 2

I loved my other Galaxy Nails so much that I decided to try them again! This time I did them in a more bluish gray color and I tried to put a little shape into how I sponged the colors on. I like these a little more than my other ones! I did something a little different with how I tried to add stars too. I dotted on some yellow and then stuck a bigger glitter in the middle. Glaxay nails are just so easy and fun to try out :)

Sabrina Nail Blog Galaxy Space Milky Way nails

Sabrina Nail Blog Galaxy Space Milky Way nails


What I Used:
Base: Black Heart by Sally Hansen
French Tip White by NYC
Ogre-the-Top Blue by OPI
Tao by Zoya
Blue Sky by Chameleon
Who the Shrek Are You? by OPI
Violet Panache by American Apparel
Need Sunglasses? by OPI
Servin' Up Sparkle by OPI


  1. This nail design looks fabulous or should I say out of this world! :0) Dawn

  2. I tried this too! Yours looks fab! I would love you to check out mine :)

    Sophie xx

    1. Thank you :) I'll totally check yours out!!

  3. That's incredibly awesome! :o) I've been trying to do galaxy nails myself but am to embarrassed to post them

    Yours looks amazing

    1. Thank you :)

      You should post them!! You always do really cool designs so I bet they look great!