Friday, October 12, 2012

Eye See You...

Look into my eyes!! Lol! Since last year I've had an idea in my head about putting googly eyes on my nails! I've finally decided to try it out. I originally only thought of painting all my nails black and then sticking on the eyes. While planning it out I decided that I'd like to try something a little different. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Halloween googly eyes creepy eyes

I went to a craft store and bought the smallest googly eyes I could. I started out by painting 2 of my nails black and letting those dry while I moved onto my other nails. On my thumb and ring finger I painted my nails purple then painted on an orange and black glitter that I made myself. On my middle finger I painted an eye! I wanted it to be a creepy eye so I made it a reddish brown color. Then I started placing my googly eyes with clear topcoat. I didn't want too many on each nail so I just put what would fit without making them looked too squished. I also didn't add topcoat on over the eyes. I just used a dotting tool to put drops between the eyes so they'd be more secure.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Halloween googly eyes creepy eyes

The googly eyes surprisingly stayed on for a few days without falling off. I loved this creepy googly eyed mani :) It was fun to wear around.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Halloween googly eyes creepy eyes
See you soon ;)

What I Used:
Black: Black Heart by Sally Hansen
Purple: African Violet by American Apparel
Glitter: Made by me :)
Eye Nail: Earthy Angel by Color Club
               Rebel Spirit by Color Club
               Grave Mistake by Orly
               Caught Red-Handed by L'oreal
               Whirlwind White by Sally Hansen

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