Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scream Inspired Nails

Happy Halloween!

I'm super excited to show you today's nails! 
One of my most favourite movies ever is Scream! I remember watching it almost everyday when I was little. I own the DVD and if its on TV I'll most likely watch it lol! I just love it that much!

For my Halloween post today I tried my best at doing a Scream inspired design. I had originally planned on just doing the Scream mask faces (Ghostface) but then I thought about trying to paint some actual character faces from the movie! I painted Casey Becker on my index finger and Sidney Prescott on my ring finger. I didn't do that great on painting their faces but I did what I could and am happy with how they turned out :). 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Scream movie inspired nails Ghostface nailart

Below are the pictures that I found on Google that helped inspire my nails. I'm happy that I tried something out of my comfort zone and I really want to try improving on it. Overall I love Scream and my Scream inspired nails!

(The four pictures above were found on Google.)

I hope you liked these Scream inspired nails :) Thanks for stopping by! 

What I Used:
White on White by China Glaze
Liquid Leather by China Glaze
White on The Spot by Milani
Beige Blast by Sally Hansen
Nomadic in Nude by Color Club
Earthy Angel by Color Club
Rebel Spirit by Color Club
Dating The Drummer by Sephora
Wet Cement by Sally Hansen
Easel Come, Easel Go! by Finger Paints
Sugar Rush by China Glaze
Cream of the Crop by Ulta
*Most colors were mixed or painted over others to get the colors I needed. 

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