Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fall Water Marble Nails

Hi! It's Thanksgiving today and I wanted to show you another fall themed design :)
I did a subtle water marble. From far away it just looked like a dark polish but up close and in the light it was gorgeous! My pictures couldn't do it justice but I tried!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Fall water marble nails

The above photo was taken indoors. You can see the water marble design and the two separate colors but it just doesn't capture the shine of the bronze polish.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Fall water marble nails

This picture was taken in sunlight and you can see the water marble somewhat better. I still think that it looked way better in person but I couldn't not post these nails! 
I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving if you're celebrating today or a great day if you're not! :)

What I Used:
Base: Brutal by Topshop
Burgundy: Muir Muir on the Wall by OPI
Bronze: Rumba Romance by Sephora

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