Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Burgundy Sparkle

Hello!! I have these simple but pretty nails to show you today :) 
I was going to a birthday party and decided to paint my nails a similar color to the sweater I was wearing. I had also recently bought new Milani textured polishes and I wanted to try one out. I picked out a pretty deep burgundy color and a sparkly light gold and just sponged them on. I wasn't too sure about how it'd turn out but I ended up loving it!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Textured gradient

What made the whole design pretty, in my opinion, was that the burgundy polish was a flat cream color while the gold was shimmery. It just looked pretty when they blended together. I love doing sponge gradients with textured polishes because it's way easier than with normal polish. It also dries fast and doesn't need any topcoat to look nice.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Textured gradient

I hope you liked these gradient nails as much as I did! Thank you for stopping by! 

What I Used:
Burgundy: Beautiful Bordeaux by Milani
Gold: Tomoko by Zoya

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