Friday, February 28, 2014

Colorful Randomness

Hey There!!
I have a design that I've done many times before to show you today. I've done some posts on this style before here, here, and here. I've always loved how fun it is to do and that it never looks the same. I'd consider this design to be my first nail art! Ever since learning how to do it from my big sister I've never gotten tired of it. 

When I decided to do these nails I already had my nails painted white, so I just used whatever polishes I had lying close by to add these colorful stripes. I just randomly painted on stripes till I felt like each nail looked pretty. Once it all dried I added topcoat. 

It's quick, easy and one of my all time favorite designs to do whenever I have no idea what else to do. For me doing these random stripes never gets old because I can always change up the base colors and stripe colors. It's just fun!

Thank you for checking out this post! :)

What I Used:
Base: White on the Spot by Milani
Blue: Soft Blue by Kiss
Green: Beach Green by Kiss
Purple: Magenta by Art Deco
Pink: Bikini Pink by Kiss