Friday, February 7, 2014

What Started It All

Hi :) Today I want to show you the nails that inspired me to start this blog! 
I've always liked nail polish and seeing my big sister paint her nails. I learned one of my first and favorite designs from her! When I finally started painting my nails I was always wondering if I could do more than the few designs I knew. I basically just wanted a bunch of colors on my nails at once lol!

One day I was just messing around with striping polishes and did the simplest design ever I thought 'Hey I should take pictured of these and save them.' I don't think I ever did take that picture but I've always remembered them as giving me the idea to do something. So I'd like to show you the nails that started this blog!

Sabrina's Nail Blog
I redid them in the exact same colors I used except for the glitter! I painted my nails white and painted on a few diagonal stripes with striping polishes. It was the easiest design I ever did. I'm not sure why these nails made me think of taking pictures and saving them, but I'm happy they did because a week later I had a blog!

Sabrina's Nail Blog

Thanks for stopping by :)

What I Used:
Base: White on White by China Glaze
Glitter: Silver Glitter by Art Deco
Pink: Bikini Pink by Kiss
Green: Beach Green by Kiss