Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pastel Pink Water Marble

Hello! I have a post that's been pushed back too many times! I did these nails back in January and have yet to post these water marble nails. I'm sure you can tell I've been liking water marble lately. Since I've found that using a smaller cup makes the process way easier and faster, I've been wanting to water marble everything!!! 

So these nails happened by accident. I had bought OPI Mod About You and painted my nails and decided that I wanted to add something. I had water marble stuff nearby and three polishes I thought looked nice together, so I just tried it out. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog water marble nails
Please excuse my short thumb nail :(

I used a shimmery light pink, a duochrome light blue, and a shimmery light gray.The blue polish over Mod About You turned a sort of blue gray and I sorta lost the light gray color somewhere in there. I imagine all the colors would have looked nice over a white base but I still loved this water marble :)

Sabrina's Nail Blog water marble nails

It was just a pretty, soft look that I'm not normally into but I really liked it!
I hope you liked this post even though it's a month late! 

What I Used:
Base: Mod About You by OPI
Marble Colors: Angel Rain by Orly
                        Count on Me by Nicole
                        Main Squeeze Essie
Glitter: Carnival by Essie


  1. oh god ! beautiful <3 your nails are the best in all internet :D