Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Corgi Nails

Hello!! Two and a half months ago my family got a puppy! It's been a bit crazy trying to do nails when there's a cute pup running around, but last night I got a chance to do these super cute nails!
We got a corgi and he's sooooo cute!! When I was thinking of what to paint on my nails I thought it'd be cute to see if I could paint his cute little face on a nail. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Corgi Nails

I decided to give it a try! I didn't really plan anything out and just went for it. I ended up painting 3 doggy faces. I used some photos of my puppy and some other corgis I found online just as guides for colors. The puppy on the middle nail is mine! I painted some paw prints on the last two nails. I really love how they turned out! 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Corgi Nails

The corgi faces just make them so cute and fun to wear! The above picture is a closer look at my thumb nail. Below is a closer look at my middle and ring nails. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Corgi Nails

I'm so happy that this idea worked out cause I really love these!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Corgi Nails

Here's a picture of my puppy, Dobby! Isn't he the cutest!!
I hope you liked these nails as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by!

What I Used:
Red: Siren by Orly
Yellow: Sun Upon My Skin by China Glaze
White: Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
Black: Black on Black by Sinful Colors
Brown: Earthy Angel by Color Club
Nirvana by Sinful Colors
Nomadic in Nude by Color Club
Chocoholic by Orly

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