Friday, August 15, 2014

Neon Negative Space Nails

Hi there! I've been seeing negative space nails all over recently and I'm loving how they look! The natural nail peeking through parts of a fun design just looks so cool to me. It's something different and fun.

Today I decided to try it out myself! I used 3 of my neon glow in the dark Serum No. 5 polishes. I thought the glow would add little extra. I started out with a base coat and some straight nail stickers to make random lines on my nails. I painted one nail at a time and quickly removed the stickers before moving on to the next nail.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glowing Neon Negative Space Nails

Since I used 3 colors I painted 3 nails one solid color. On the remaining 2 nails I sponged on a gradient of all 3 colors. Once everything was dry I added two layers of topcoat.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glowing Neon Negative Space Nails

These nails were pretty easy to do and didn't take much time. I really love the final outcome! They look really cool in the dark too! I'd really like to try them out again in different colors and designs.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glowing Neon Negative Space Nails

Do you like negative space nails? It may not be for everyone but its something different you might like to try out :)
Thanks for checking out this post!!

What I Used:
Pink: I Gleam in Pink by Serum No. 5
Yellow: Solar Power by Serum No. 5
Green: Krypton-Brite by Serum No. 5

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