Tuesday, September 23, 2014

China Glaze: Boundary of Memory Chevron French Nails

Hello :) I have a gorgeous polish to show you that I recently bought at Sally Beauty Supply. It's Boundary of Memory by China Glaze. It's part of The Giver collection which is a limited edition collection. I saw the display and this polish was one of 2 glitters in the collection and it just stood out to me. It reminded me of some on the old 2 coat glitter polishes that were around a few years ago.

Boundary of Memory is such a nice polish! I wish all glitters were like this. It's a clear base with densely packed black, gold, and copper micro glitter! I only needed two coats for opaque coverage and it went on so easy. This polish has a perfect glitter formula, not too thin and runny or thick and goopy. I'm so happy I picked it up.

Sabrina's Nail Blog China Glaze Boundary of Memory Chevron French Nails

I don't usually like gold or copper but this glitter just looked so nice. I really like that the mix of colored glitters makes it look like a sparkly brown in some lights. It'll be a really pretty polish for autumn!

Sabrina's Nail Blog China Glaze Boundary of Memory Chevron French Nails

When I tried the polish on I loved it so much that I decided to do a chevron french design in black and gold. I completely forgot to get a picture of Boundary of Memory by itself! At least most of the nail is the gorgeous glitter so you can still see how great it is. 
If you love a nice micro glitter with a 2 coat formula I'd really go out and find this polish, you won't be disappointed with it :)
Thank you for checking out this post, I hope you stop by soon for more!

What I Used:
Glitter: Boundary of Memory by China Glaze
Black: Black on Black by Sinful Colors
Gold: Love.Angel.Music.Baby. by OPI

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