Thursday, September 4, 2014

Galaxy Nails Part 3

Hi Hi!! Back in 2012 I was really loving galaxy nails. I did 2 posts of them here and here. I felt like doing some more galaxy nails today so that's what I have to show you! I really like outer space and there are no two space pictures that look alike so I always like how different and creative doing galaxy nails can be. No matter what you do they always look cool!
I wanted to try making these galaxy nails somewhat different than my last 2 attempts. I picked out some sparkly and color shifting polishes to sponge over a black base. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Galaxy Nails

I randomly sponged different colors in different areas on each nail. I tried to give each nail a different shape while sponging the colors just so they looked a bit soft and had a flow to it. I kind of wanted the color to fade into the black background so it wasn't too much of a contrast. Once I liked how each nail looked I dabbed on some glitter. I also added a few big stars just for fun :)

Sabrina's Nail Blog Galaxy Nails

It was really hard to get nice clear pictures of these nails. All the sparkly polishes just messed with my camera I guess. These two pictures were the clearest and some of the only ones where you could actually see what was going on :/ 
In person these are so pretty! They sparkle and look pretty cool! I wish I could have gotten better pics :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you check back soon!

What I Used:
Base: Black on Black by Sinful Colors
Galaxy: White on White by China Glaze
            Precious Pewter by Pixi
            Rain Storm by Sinful Colors
            Intellect by Sparitual
            Purple Blue by Models Own
            Pinky Brown by Models Own
            Bikini Bottoms by I Love Nail Polish
            Rehab by I Love Nail Polish
            Purple Plasma by I Love Nail Polish
            Sunshine Smoothie by I Love Nail Polish
Glitter: It's a Meteor by Orly
           Loose star confetti 

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