Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Water Marble 2014

Hi there! I finally have another post! This month is not going well for nail art. Every time I've sat down ready to do any type of nails they just don't turn out right. I've had all these ideas planned out for a while now but I just can't seem to make anything work out! 

Today after trying out my first idea that ended up looking weird I started over and just did a water marble. I had the stuff right next to me so I just went with it :)

Sabrina's Nail Blog Christmas Water Marble Nails

I picked out classic red and green polishes that I know work great for water marble. I used a white polish as the base for the marble and got to marbling. Once I was done and did all the clean up I decided to add some sparkle! I used a red and green Christmas polish by Different Dimension called Holly Up Already. It's like the Christmas glitter of my dreams! So pretty!!! 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Christmas Water Marble Nails

I'm so happy that after failing at so many ideas something cute finally happened! It took a few tries but at least this didn't turn out bad. It's also an upgrade to a Christmas water marble I did back in 2011 when I was just getting the hang of marbling. I'm happy to see some improvement in my marbling skills :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

What I Used:
Base: Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
Red: Caught Red-Handed by L'oreal
Green: Green-Wich Village by OPI
Glitter: Holly Up Already by Different Dimension

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Glittering Winter Gradient

Hello!! Sorry I've been away for a bit :/ I planned to start doing some Christmas nails sooner but while hanging lights outside I accidentally broke a few nails. For the next month you may not see my thumb nail cause its sadly way too short but the nail art must go on!

While at the store the other day I saw a cashier with the prettiest nails ever! Her nails were a nice glittery blue to white gradient. They reminded me of snow for some reason and I couldn't wait to try and use polishes that I own to get the same look. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glittering Winter Gradient

I started out by dabbing two coats of  a metallic blue and metallic white polish onto my nails with a sponge. Then I sponged on a blue glitter and a white glitter. I added a little iridescent glitter to the tips. Once I was happy with everything I added my topcoat and was done!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glittering Winter Gradient

These nails were so easy to do and didn't take much time at all. I love how sparkly they turned out. I'd say that they came out looking pretty close to the nails that I saw. I just love everything about these nails! They kind of remind me of the movie Frozen in some way.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glittering Winter Gradient

I hope you liked this post and check back soon for more holiday posts! 

What I Used:
White: Metallic White by Klean Color
Blue: Metallic Aqua by Klean Color
Blue: He's An Angry Elf... Must Be a Southpole Elf by Dollish Polish
White: The Outer Edge by China Glaze
Iridescent: Snow Globe by China Glaze